An exciting voyage to the origin of the Universe and to the heart of matter.

March 23 – July 23, 2017 Exhibition is open at 9:00 – 18.00 everday, and closed on national holidays.

İstanbul Bilgi University, santralistanbul Campus


The goal of the exhibition is to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity about the origin of the Universe and the basic constituents of matter. It shows how experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will unravel some of the mysteries of the Universe, and it displays the connection between fundamental research in the past with technologies of the present. The exhibition consists of the

  • entrance tunnel, taking the visitor back to the time of the Big Bang;
  • Big Bang theatre, narrating the history of the Universe;
  • particle zone, displaying the basic structure of matter;
  • mystery room, talking about the mysteries of matter and the Universe;
  • CERN research area, showing how research at the LHC is done;
  • display ‘our world is built on basic research’, linking basic research to our daily life.

Five short tunnel sections (‘transfer pods’) join together the ve main zones, transporting the visitors from one theme to the next. The exterior walls feature decorative imagery, the exhibition branding and the exhibition title. The panel texts are written in the host country’s primary language and in English. A signicant part of the exhibition consists of interactive media (touch panels and games) that are particularly attractive to a younger audience. The level of the exhibition is suitable for visitors from age 12 and older.

Entrance tunnel

"You, the people you love and everything around you are made from particles that originated at the very beginning of the Universe."

This extraordinary concept brings together scienti c fact and personal experience in a very powerful way. The visitors enter a darkened tunnel, lined with profound questions and key dates in the evolution of the Universe, bringing them back to the rst instant of everything.

Big Bang Theatre

"The first stars are like factories, up to 1,000 times heavier than our sun. When their fuel is exhausted, they collapse and explode into giant supernovae, producing heavy elements - the building blocks of life."

The Big Bang theatre features a central oor projection area. The visitors lean over a safety rail to peer into a ‘void’, as if suspended in space. An audiovisual show of 5 min duration is projected on to this area, narrating the evolution of the Universe from the rst instants of the Big Bang to the present day, in a visually and emotionally exciting way. The wall surface traces this story in more detail, using graphics and text.

Particle Zone

"At CERN we investigate these tiny building blocks, the fundamental particles that make up your world and the entire Universe’"

This zone explores the world of particles, guided by questions like ‘How big are particles?’ or ‘What are particles?’. A ash animation transports visitors seamlessly from human scales into the microscopic world of atoms, nuclei and particles. An entertaining video animation shows how particles interact by exchanging messenger particles. Three interactive games invite visitors to discover the relationship between energy and mass by accelerating and colliding particles.

Big graphics panels on the walls complement these displays by showing the building blocks of matter and the messenger particles transmitting the four forces. A ‘facebook’-like interactive display on a touch screen let visitors get acquainted with particles, the story of their discovery, and some of their properties.

Mystery Room

Our world is built on basic research

"All visible matter accounts for just 4% of the Universe. So where’s the rest of it?"

This area is dedicated to some of the most intriguing mysteries of the Universe. The wall graphics, showing a small human gure surrounded by a large dark area, represents the fact that we only understand 4% of the composition of the Universe. Formulas scribbled across the walls symbolize attempts to solve these mysteries. Some of the big questions on the walls are explored in greater depth by using the interactive panels to hear the account of scientists talking about the mysteries that interest them most and about their ideas to answer them.

Visiting Details

Exhibition is open at 9:00 – 18.00 everday, and closed on national holidays.

Free entrance.

For group reservations, you can contact with:

+90 212 311 7878
+90 212 311 7809


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